Double-sided banner. Bet on the visibility of your ad

It prints double-sided banners on a special blockout base. It allows you to place information both on the front and back of the material. Thanks to this, you will expose your offer more and make it more visible to potential customers. This solution is especially useful when you do not have much space to prepare the exhibition. Both sides of the banner can be the same or each of them can present a different message. Place it on a frame or in any other place where it will be clearly visible. Our double-sided banners are durable and resistant to changing weather conditions. They are not able to destroy wind, rain, snow, high temperature and UV rays. Same as banerów reklamowych they are perfect for outdoor use. It is a form of advertising that can be displayed for a long time after hanging. Invest once in visualization and reap the long-term benefits of effective advertising.

Blockout Banners

Double-sided banners. Advertising useful in many different activities

Banners with print visible on both sides are often chosen by owners of catering outlets, hair salons and other service outlets. Suspended on a fence or placed on a frame, they are visible to customers moving in different directions. It is therefore worth taking care of the visualization of your company and attaching a double-sided banner to other forms of advertising.